About Layout

This layout was created using an cged image I found on FF Galleries, and is specifically by an artists named Rebeca. The layout functions through the use of an iframe. Also included in the design of it are divs and a table.

Editing the Layout

You can edit any part of this layout if you like, but I suggest sticking with only the html documents. I also highly recommend you have a very good understanding and working knowledge of html, and a visual based html editor like dreamweaver. I stress this due to the way the links are layed out. *points to the right side of the page* Those nine gridded boxes are your links, go ahead and rollover them. Nice effect, no? ^_^

Files and editing:

  • hr.gif : the nice background image you see behind headings
       Feel free to create your own and replace this file if you do not like it.
  • index.html : Core page of the layout, contains the copywrites (do not remove them) and the links.
       The only things that you should be editing in this file are the links. Look for the comment tags for farther information.
  • lulubg.jpg:
       The key image to the visual look of the layout. I wouldn't replace it cause then you might stick yourself with an editing headache.
  • main.html:
       What you are currently reading ^_^. This is a content page. Edit it however you want, but please leave the class="body2" in the <body> tag.
  • blank.html:
       Just another content page, but I left it almost totally blank. This way you can have yourself a template of sorts for the content of your site.
  • off.jpg:
       The default button graphic used on the links. you can replace it if you wish.
  • on.jpg:
       The highlighted version of the button link when you hover over it.
  • style.css:
       Style sheet, you can edit it if you like, but be sure to save a backup copy of the original.
If you need any help with editing the layout, or questions, please e-mail me.


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